What programs do you use to edit your images?

I first edit in Adobe Lightroom and then make final retouches in Adobe Photoshop.

How do you deliver photos?

I upload all edited images to an online gallery that you can download straight to your computer! 

Do we have to print our photos through you?

Nope! Most photographers require their clients to print through them, requiring additional charges. I have no printing restrictions at all! Once I share the online gallery with you, you can take those high-resolutions and print wherever and whenever you want!

What should we wear for family pictures?

Soft earth tone colors (blues, tans, sage greens, cream, blush, neutrals, lavender) photograph really well and complement most skin tones. Personally, I love plenty of texture (layers, frilly sleeves, even ruffles!).  Patterns can have catch the viewer's interest, but refrain from using too many patterns (like Dad in plaid and Mom in stripes) because those patterns can compete on camera. We want YOU as our focus, not your clothing. Also, avoid wearing bright pinks or reds because they bring out the red hues in your skin.

My husband hates having his picture taken. What do we do about that?

You leave that all up to me! Instead of strict posing, I offer loose directions to encourage natural movement. No one looks their best when they feel awkward and more importantly, feel like they look awkward. I'll do my best to brief the both of you about what I'm looking for and routinely show you the images in camera, so he can give any critiques he likes. A family session is an opportunity to capture this beautiful time in your life, not a torture session! You and I are in this together to make this session an enjoyable and worthwhile experience!

My kids are kind of wild. I'm afraid they won't sit still for pictures!

I love when kids bring energy to a shoot! Your little ones' fun-loving energy can make for beautiful candids. I try to mix it up during session with little kids by allowing them to run around in between poses and showing a few tricks to capture their attention. Don't you worry one bit. I embrace your child's energy!

Do you really love photography as much as you say you do?

Yes, yes, a million times YES!